Fuel Filter 30 FUEL AND AIR 1435 Front Mower PC10344 in MOWER, FRONT 3TNV80F

Parts list:

 №  Number Qty Name Options
1   []   ORDER AM878916; USE WITH 3TNE74C-EJMA  
1   []   ORDER AM879934; USE WITH 3TNV76-DJMA  
2   []   ORDER AM878916; USE WITH 3TNE74C-EJMA  
2   CH10082   Spring USE WITH 3TNV76-DJMA  
3   []   ORDER AM878916; USE WITH 3TNE74C-EJMA  
3   CH10571   Packing USE WITH 3TNV76-DJMA  
4   CH10084   Screw  
5   CH15553   Filter Element  
5   MIU804763   Filter Element SUB FOR M801101  
6   CH16888   Spring  
7   MIU804762   O-Ring SUB FOR CH10060  
8   T111401   Float  
9   CH15983   Cover USE WITH 3TNE74C-EJMA  
9   M802636   Cap USE WITH 3TNV76-DJMA  
10   CH10106   Ring  
11   MIA884931   Fuel Filter SUB FOR M806911; USE WITH 3TNE74C-EJMA  
12A   MIA883606   Fuel Filter USE WITH 3TNE74C-EJMA; SUB FOR AM878916  
12B   AM879934   Fuel Filter USE WITH 3TNV76-DJMA  
12B   MIA884996   Fuel Filter USE WITH MIA12138, SUB FOR MIA882276  
13   AM876266   Fuel Pump USE WITH 3TNV76-DJMA  
14   37M7458   Screw M6 X 12