Fuel Filter 30 Fuel and Air X950R Lawn Tractor PC11965 in TRACTOR, LAWN AND GARDEN X950R

Parts list:

 №  Number Qty Name Options
1   MIA884997   Fuel Filter SUB FOR MIA883607 OR AM882413  
2   CH10082   Spring  
3   M802636   Cap Cap  
4   MIU804762   O-Ring SUB FOR CH10060  
5   CH10106   Ring  
6   MIU804763   Filter Element SUB FOR M801101  
7   CH16888   Spring  
8   T111401   Float  
9   CH10084   Screw  
10   CH10571   Packing USE WITH MIA883607 OR AM882413  
11   M811917   Bracket  
12   M802713   Bolt  
13   CH19780   Bolt  
14   M801108   Fitting Pump  
15   AM882463   Pipe Oil Filter to Fuel Injection Pump  
16   LVU803129   Clamp SUB FOR TY22462  
17   AM882464   Pipe Kit Fuel Injection Pump to Oil Filter  
18   M808971   Pipe  
19   CH17960   Fitting  
20   M806438   Washer  
21   []   CTL 350 mm, MF M175325