Instrument Panel Side Console 1676 Instruments And Indicators 300C Articulated Dump Truck PC2776 in TRUCK, ARTICULATED DUMP 300C

Parts list:

 №  Number Qty Name Options
1   AT259682   Insert NLA  
2   AT252585   Lens  
3   AT252586   Lens  
4   AT252790   Lens  
5   AT252789   Rotary Switch  
6   AT252676   Lens  
7   AT252587   Lens  
8   AT252693   Switch Hazard  
9   AT252588   Cover  
10   T183785   Label  
11   AT510984   Switch Starter, SUB FOR AT252523  
12   AT195301   Switch SUB FOR AT260473 AND AT145931 ALSO ORDER R44342  
13   AT260466   Electrical Lighter  
13   TT176435   Washer  
14   AT258564   Display Module W/O AIR FUNCTION  
14   TT206934   Instrument Panel METRIC UNITS OF MEASURE W/AIR FUNCTION SUB FOR AT260564 AND AT261562  
14   AT252785   Module DE-FILTER MFA10  
15   TT207446   Switch SUB FOR AT252788 REQUIRES LENS REMOVED FROM AT252788  
16   AT252697   Switch  
17   AT260469   Holder  
18   AT254103   Holder  
19   R44342   Nut  
20   AT145929   Key